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Business Strategy

We help clients validate their existing strategy to accomplish their vision. Finds gap and find means to fill those gaps. We can help them in making their Corporate, SBU level strategies with milestones to achieve through annual operating plans. We further assist in achieving Post Strategy Formulation through detailed PMS.

Corporate Strategy: Development of a strategic direction (core and non core business), supported by the necessary allocation of resources and well coordinated business unit plans and designing a sustainable strategy development process.

Organic / Inorganic Growth : Depending upon the likelihood of the growth of the markets, evaluating and suggesting the growth path of the organization in terms of organic/inorganic routes.

Annual Operating Plans (AOP's): Top down and bottom up approach for preparing budgets for annual and 5 year plans.

Variance Analysis: Monitoring of business plans and analyzing the reasons quantitatively and qualitatively.

The Strategic-Making Pyramid I


Factors Shaping the Choice of Company Strategy


The Networking of Strategic Visions,
Missions, Objectives and Strategies


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