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Veracity Leading Edge is a specialized management advisory firm. We work closely with the entrepreneur's vision and translate them into reality through our strategic advise and corporate financing functions. At VLE, entrepreneur’s get one shop solution through our tie-ups in association with other verticals like Legal, Regulatory and Compliance, Taxation and HR Solutions. The team at VLE has shown up transparent, integrated and committed approach to its client and successfully nurturing our relationship through mutual respect.

Our Company Values

Time is always a crucial criterion for everyone of us. Our team of expert professionals works round the clock and delivers each project to its client at the agreed time.

"The way we spend our time defines who we are."
- Jonathan Estrin

As professionals, we strive to show integrity at the highest level to build the trust of each and every person dealing with us. We value such trust and never falter on any issue capable of creating even slightest controversy. We have successfully delivered to customers in the past and we promise to continue to do the same in future.

"There is no higher value in our society than Integrity."
- Arlen Specter

Earning the respect of clients and customers is one of the greatest virtues of a business. We believe, practice and earn. Earning the respect of clients and/or customers is one of the greatest virtues of a business. Our primary focus is to earn the respect of the clients with whom we deal and along-side building a cordial relationship with everyone.

"Respect is earned, honesty is appreciated, trust is gained and loyalty is returned."
― Auliq Ice

As professionals, we promise and try to deliver more than just promised. We value our authenticity while dealing with every client, believe in our uniqueness and try to satisfy all the clients and/or customers with the best possible service(s) each time. Our work involves extensive research in order to cater all the clients and/or customers with the most original and unique perspective while delivering the projects.

"Wisdom is found only in truth."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Our Services

Business Strategy

We help clients validate their existing strategy to accomplish their vision. Finds gap and find means to fill those gaps. We can help them in making their Corporate, SBU Level Strategies with milestones to achieve through annual operating plans. We further assist in achieving Post Strategy Formulation through detailed PMS.

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Strategic Finance

We help our clients to identify their needs of funds either through internal accrual through working capital cycle or internal restructuring, post that help through our network and associates to raise funds externally. Assisting clients in designing their capital structure and possible sourcing of funds arrangement. Bringing concept of Investment Centre wherein all regional / product units to be operated with profit centre / investment centre concept.

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Mergers And Acquisitions

We help our clients in validating their M & A Strategies and assisting them end to end and creates overall values for them. We work with chief financial officers on finance organization, portfolio strategy and major investment decisions; linking corporate strategy to capital market performance; investor communications; ensuring that M&A and other transactions are consistent with the overall strategy.

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Corporate Restructuring

We act as advisors on Corporate Restructuring to clients to enhance their overall value, we apply our in depth experience and valuable foresight to achieve effective outcomes for our clients, their creditors and equity shareholder, we provide Portfolio and Asset Restructuring, Capital Restructuring, Organisation and Management Restructuring.

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Stressed Asset Advisory

We at VLE, help the clients in fund raising and same way running the whole process as advisory for banks / financial institutions. Our services include Monitoring; Diligence; and Resolution & Recovery for the clients during the end to end life cycle of stressed asset..

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Transaction Advisory

Transaction success is based on more than numbers. We provide a business approach to due diligence covering financial, tax, IT, compliance, operations and HR/culture. Ask us how we can help your transactions evaluation and we will. We provide fairness opinions to company management and boards, second opinions on investment cases and regularly make recommendations for tasks where other trusted advisors can offer complementary services to our transactions advisory focus.

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Urban Planning

With the increased urbanization in India, there are tremendous opportunities towards development in the urban and regional domain. To address development holistically, we at VLE provide services to both government and private sectors in the field of urban planning. VLE believes in innovation and learning by diverse approaches and methodologies, which guides us to a deterministic approach towards the project and programs for the greater good of people. The prime focus of VLE is in infrastructure advisory, socio-economic development, environment and real estate market.

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We Make It Easy


With our continuous improvement metrics, we constantly strive to make sure that client’s business is on the correct path of development and its infrastructure is on a solid foundation. Integrity is the cornerstone of our firm. We believe our client relationships are based on Honesty, Fairness and Commitment to Excellence.

"Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together."
— James Cash Penney, founder, JC Penney


We look at the "Big Picture" when it comes to the clients. We see client’s business as a whole and not just part of it. We want to instil a philosophy of holistic business growth. Innovation is our goal towards the clients, providing the unique innovative solutions to take the business of clients on the path to success. We take "thinking-outside-the-box" to a whole new level. With our vast small business resources, we will be able to handle any aspects of client's business infrastructure.

"Motivation is the catalyzing ingredient for every successful innovation."
— Clayton Christensen, economist and Harvard professor


We believe in the quality of our work. We treat client’s business like our own. We take pride in building trust in the professional relationships with our clients. We respect the client’s privacy. We "NEVER" disclose any information of the client or client’s business to anyone, not directly related in developing its business. Our service provides the resources needed to assist the client’s company reach its competitive edge. Utilizing an effective analysis of the client’s competitors in its particular service region or market, we can offer solutions to help its company meet and exceed the market share.

"To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart."
— Thomas Watson, Sr., former CEO, IBM

We are here to grow your business

Working with the client’s management team, our dedicated professionals quickly and comprehensively evaluate its business, identify opportunities for improvement and customize solutions that quickly drive measurable results. Our team assesses the key drivers and issues impacting client’s performance and develops a detailed thorough response to address them. With decades of experience spanning nearly all industries, our professional can design and implement solutions covering a variety of needs. Our well-rounded employees who know how to handle customer complaints and "WOW" customers experience with exceptional service—both of which go a long way towards improving customer's happiness and loyalty.

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